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oklahoma and targeting oklahoma, arkansas and even missouri in the hours to come. i'm julie martin, tamron, back to you. >>> right now that system is moving through oklahoma, where it's also causing floods and tornadoes. let's get the latest on the situation there. weather channel chris warren is live in sand springs, oklahoma. chris, what are you seeing there? >> well, right now, tamron, we're seeing light drizzle at times. little right rain here and there. the worst of it does appear to be over and oklahoma for the most part during the overnight hours did not fair nearly as bad as texas. again, some puddles we have right here. i'm west of tulsa and there were some spots where we did have some pretty heavy rain. in east central oklahoma, the radar estimates 10 to 12 inches of rain. so, with that, some businesses were flooded. there were some roads washed out and then the storm moving into arkansas. also getting some reports there of having to have some water rescues going on. but from where we are right now west of tulsa, not a whole lot going on. more than just a little bit of light rain
that sarah shourd has been met by her mother in oman. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. an end of an agonizing weekend of uncertainty for sarah shourd. we don't know what is going to happen with shane bauer and josh fattal. they said it would be reviewed in two months time. they may still have to face trial, or they may be given the same sort of compassionate treatment sarah was and let go. so still this story has to play out a lot further, tamron. >> and even past these individuals, president ahmadinejad will be visiting new york very soon. many are speculating this show of compassion also ties into his visit to the state. >> reporter: absolutely. the timing can't be too coincidental. he's going to the states. iran is under intense pressure under the nuclear program. it's come under scrutiny over human rights. when he wants to address the world on the world stage of the u.n., he probably wants to go soften iran's image. that was one step forward to doing that. >> ali arouzi live. the latest news is sarah shourd was met by her mother in oman. she read a short statement thanks t
it was like that. so maybe we'll get lucky. >> but, tamron, the thing is you don't even need this to make landfall. hurricane force winds stretch out 90 miles from the center and tropical storm extend 200 miles from the center. we could still feel significant impacts. >> we just got a picture of president obama in a briefing with fema administrator craig fugate and they were talking about preparations being made in advance of hurricane earl. so, obviously, this storm is being discussed at the highest level at the white house as a precaution. >> and i actually spoke with craig fugate this morning on "wake up with al" this morning and i was very impress woued wi me. he said all the supplies were on standby. thankfully we learned something from the 2005 hurricane season. >> stephanie abrams, thank you. >>> bill karins, as i mentioned, tracking hurricane earl's path. what caught your eye as you continue to watch this thing. >> as stephanie was hinting at. new update from the hurricane center. path forecast changed every six hours. set your watch by it. once again, 5:00 this afternoon we'll ge
>> stev >> reporter: yeah, it looks like things may have backed off a little bit, tamron. we had a heck of a lot of rain this morning. upwards of two inches officially at reagan national airport. some areas east of here picking up six and seven inches of rain. there were some water rescues reported in the last couple hours near a metro station here in d.c. at the edge wood terrace area at rhode island avenue. so, yeah, parts of d.c. got tremendous amounts of rain. the rain is all the way from the carolinas up through virginia and the eastern shore, all the way up to nye city and getting into new england as well. we'll deal with this for at least the next 24 to 36 hours as the whole mess works up the coast. there could be severe weather in there as well. still under a tornado warning in the area. also as we head to southeast pennsylvania. we've had tornado warnings. we'll keep you updated from here. the rain may have stopped, but the wind is starting to blow a little bit. we're still not out of the woods yet. >> north of where jeff is now, a tornado watch has been issued for delaw
on saturday. >> i think you're right. i think this has been a several day long diversion. tamron, this is the second time since the real september 11th that the date has fallen on a saturday, and unlike the first occasion of a couple of years ago where i think people thought it was improper to schedule celebrations, even sporting events on that day, there's no holds barred already. there's a day where people are going to have company picnics and anniversary celebrations, weddings, bar mitzvahs and play football. alabama and penn state saturday night, the whole country will be watching. i've already been concerned about the fight for attention with paying homage to what transpired on september 11th and along comes this guy who is the religion equivalent of balloon boy. it's just been atrocious. what i keep thinking of are what the fbi profilers say when you have a serial killer, and that may seem a bit dramatic but they worry about copycats. maybe in the end he comes to whatever sense he has left in his head and stops this, but there's some shut-in somewhere looking at it says, i'
mustang. police are now actively searching for them as we speak. as for the teller, incredibly, tamron, he's okay at this hour. the device was taken off of him. he was led out of the bank at about 11:30 today. at this point police are not releasing his identity, and they are still questioning him because they're not quite ready to say whether he was innocent in all of this or whether he may have been involved in some way. the suspected bomb was left inside the bank, and authorities have deemed it safe. thankfully, nobody was hurt here today, and no other employees here were held hostage. three robbers who strapped a bomb to this bank teller's chest and stole money from this bank of america here are still on the loose. pretty intense afternoon here. >> thank you very much. >>> developing now, one o the giant banks that received one of the biggest taxpayer bailouts during the financial crisis, well, they're at it again. documents just released by citigroup show the top 25 executives except for the ceo are getting multi-million dollar salary raises in stock and potentially millions more in bo
watching, eric? >> i'm watching a lot of rain, tamron, moving into south florida. it is not the type of day that the beach resorts hope for. we are going to see this rain continuing through the afternoon into the evening as well. although winds not going to be a big part of this story. i've got a little personal weather station here. the water is off to my left. when i look at it, we're talking 5 to 15 miles an hour. that's certainly not an epic storm. this isn't going to go down in the history books. in terms of the wind, really not a big deal. it became a tropical storm by reaching wind speeds of 40 miles an hour. as it moves northward, we could see gusts. the 4 to 8 inches of rainfall in south florida, that can pose a problem, especially for the more urban areas. the water stacks up. we have a lot of paved roads. especially as we get into this evening commute, we could -- we always tell people turn around, don't drown. most of the flooding-related fatalities occur when people try to cross the flooded waters. it's mainly life as usual here in south florida, except for the lack of sunshine
'm tamron hall. right now on msnbc, the party of champions. tea party candidates shake up establishment republicans and primaries across the country and add a new dimension to the november election. what does it mean for the gop, democrats and for our country? >>> and a dream act. could senator harry reid's push for an immigration proposal and repeal of don't ask, don't tell mean the end of an arm's bill. >>> what does lady gaga have to do with all of this? >>> drinking and flying, a pi t pilot, listen to this, suspended for having a cocktail before going into the cockpit. were the results would have been different if he was flying from the united states. >>> plus, this -- why this camel is so unhappy. poor guy had to be rescued after a pretty sticky situation. we'll have the details. >>> we begin with the impact of stunning victories and defeats in this final round of big primaries this morning. the buzz is all about delaware. christine o'donnell toppled congressman mike castle who had never lost a race. o'donnell had never won one and if you imagine that she can pull it off last nigh
to help. >>> i'm tamron hall. right now on msnbc, the former jetblue flight attendant who all but said take this job and shove it is in court this morning. they're work ing on a plea deal. >>> and wildfires force 3500 people from their homes on n. colorado. dozens of homes have already been destroyed by this fire. this hour, a live update from fire officials working to get that blaze under control. >>> and it was a scary crash all caught on police dash cam video. a pickup slams into a university of iowa football player on his moped. he walks away. i got a chance to talk with him. find out what we h thought when he first saw that video. >>> and despite an awful season, tiger woods still holds on to his number one ranking and now a decision on whether tiger would play on the u.s. ryder cup team. >>> we begin with developing news. sources tell nbc news a plea deal may be in the works for that so-called fed-up flight attendant who jumped out of the airplane and right down the chute. steven slater appeared in a new york city court just a few hours ago. he faces criminal charges after his ap
hour, tamron hall will have a one-on-one with donald trump about his new season of "aprese"apren "apresentence." >>> lawmakers have nothing on levi johnston. he is now the most unpopular person in america. in america? levi johnston? it's a new survey. he's running, as you might know, for mayor of wasilla, alaska. he has a 72% unfavorable rating. 6% of alaskans see him as a positive light and, can you guess who johnston replaced at the bottom spot for public opinion? john edwards, former north carolina senator. his numbers plummeted, of course, after he admitted to having an extra marital affair while his wife was battling cancer. >>> dirty, sexy politics is the name of meghan mccain's new book and she talked to rachel maddow right here. she was doing some sarah palin bashing, as well. last night she said she wanted to talk to rachel because republicans shouldn't just appear on fox news. she said both parties should work with everyone and talk to everyone. >> i know what it feels like to be alienated. i talk very candidly on how i felt alienated on the campaign. whe i worry
be injured. what is the story there? >> reporter: tamron, we expect the house to house searches to begin any moment. the death toll stands at 4 people. many more injured. it was a rupture of a gas transmission line that caused a huge explosion and fire at about 6:15 last night. let me show you what is happening right now. people are gathering at this perimeter. people who live in the fire zone are gathering here to see if they can get in to assess the damage to their homes. i saw one man who seems to think that he can see his home from this far of a distance and saw one home right next door destroyed but he seemed to think that his was just slightly damaged. the residents have been told to stay out because the area is not deemed safe. fire crew also go house to house to see if there are victims. there are 12 specially trained dogs to help sniff those victims out. it's been an a source of ongoing investigation that there's no estimate on the number of people still unaccounted for. some good news, fire crews have a handle on the fire that is brewing here. the death toll he expected to go up. t
one that's standing out in the rain anyway, tamron. it's been raining on and off and at times it becomes lighter and we just had a heavy downpour move through here and we weren't sure we could do the shot with you and cleared up just enough. it was pouring here about a minute or two ago. still coming down hard and there have been some localized flooding areas for instance, i don't know if anybody out there is familiar with the d.c. area but virginia avenue has been closed between 21 and 25th street because of some flooding and some other streets around here, as well. again, i'm on connecticut avenue, if you go that way, it's headed towards the city itself and there are some underpasses here like behind me where connecticut avenue drops down behind dupont circle and it's in the underpasses where oftentimes you get a lot of the water ponding and sometimes those have to be closed. so far so good as far as that is concerned. but we still have this whole day to go through. as you mentioned, we're under a flash flood warning and a tornado watch, as well. it's just a bad day. hopeful
. so, it's a real test of ideology here in delaware today and, tamron, fewer than 30,000 republican voters that will decide this. >> all right, kelly o'donnell live for us with that hot race in wilmington, delaware. >>> outside of delaware we're watching key primaries and in new york charlie rangel's political future is on the line. face a public ethics trial after a special house committee found he violated ethics rules. faces a tough challenge from adam clayton powell iv and next to new hampshire the republican frontrunner kelly arod with three opponents who could pull off a surprise win. and in massachusetts, nbc's first read is asking whether stephen lynch will coast a victory against the mac d'alessandro. at this moment, the powerful igor appears to be headed straight for bermuda. take a look, in fact, we have video from nasa. igor is now a category 4 hurricane. it is expected to reach the bahamas this weekend and then forecasters believe it will downgrade it to a cat 2. just this morning, though, julia was upgraded to a category 1 hurricane. the storm lingering in the atlantic
. let's compare it to reagan and clinton around this same time in their first terms. >> you know, tamron, exactly. this is very similar to what ronald reagan experienced in 1982. his party took a loss in the midterm elections. the economy wasn't doing very well at all, but then it rebounded in 1993 on to his re-election in 1984, and certainly democrats are hoping that that same formula plays out as we head into 2011 and 2012. but right now, people are very angry, and that's really the backdrop for this entire midterm election that will be coming up just two months from now. it's not necessarily a referendum on president obama, but it is a referendum on the economic environment right now, and things aren't pretty, not only those numbers, but more than 60% say they think the country's on the wrong track and that's never good news when you're the incumbent party, the party in power, as the democrats are right now. >> it's interesting, mark, i saw a headline on my way in online basically asking can the president create jobs before the midterms? obviously, that would be quite impressive, but
were from the previous segment. they decided in this campaign they have so many things, tamron, going this their favor, the political wins are blowing their way, they don't want to throw out obstacles for the candidate ls. paul ryan, the ranking republican on house budget who has come out with a specific road map, tough choices to be made, they don't want their candidates near the choices if they don't want to embrace them. this is a campaign document, the governing choices will come later if they gain power. >> how does this compare from a contract with america from 1994? >> there's some similarities. similarities in the overall environment. that had votes that tested in the polls to be very popular. balanced budget amendment, for example. the balanced budget amendment is not in here in part because our fiscal problems are so much worse. and they know it will be difficult to get the balanced budget done in a near-term time frame. the contract with america spelled out process reforms. they have some of those here. transparency. making sure the public sees bills and the legislators rea
and tamron hall. tamron, nice to have you here. >> thank you. >> natalee is inside with the news, we'll get to her in just a minute. coming up in this half hour, we're going to talk about actor michael douglas, we knew he was battling cancer, last night we learned that it's stage 4 cancer on the david letterman show. and we're going to have more on that and the latest on the prognosis for that. he's really upbeat and encouraged and we're really keeping our fingers crossed. >> a lot of us are pulling for michael douglas. also coming up, we're going to be talking about this wedding couple, this wonderful melissa and jeremy, we have been talking about the reception, and the rings, now the wedding scene. we're going to be talking about that, because it's an important thing for the couple. >> what else is going on? >> also a lot of parents busy assembly school supplies, but a lot of kids are more concerned about their new wardrobe. i laid out all my clothes. >> that's why you're always so put together. >> a lot of parents are putting together wardrobes for their kids and you want to do it on a b
's largest groups for gay and lesbian groups. thank you for joining me. >> thank you for having me, tamron. >> i understand your concern on hour harry reid set up the bill, you believe he set it up for failure. why? >> this is an unusual way he's chosen to proceed. if susan collins is not on board, you know something is going wrong. susan collins voted for the bill in committee against her party. she voted it out, obviously. but she's not with us on this minor procedural vote, the motion to proceed. if susan collins is not on board, something is wrong. harry reid didn't have to proceed this way. he could have allowed a few amendments, negotiated with senator collins, maybe. >> what amendments would be acceptable? what changes would you see as acceptable? >> to some this is clear. either it will be repealed or not. >> well, this is not -- it's murkier than that. you'll have a couple votes to get don't ask, don't tell to a point where it can be repealed. this is the first of potentially three or four. this is the motion to proceed on the vote, of course. but bottom line is he can easily nego
getting the other two free? >> well, tamron, as we've seen, they were very influential in getting sarah shourd freed. they made strong deals with the iranian government and paid the bail. they were key in her release. it's got to be said the statements that have come out the last few days haven't come from the iranian government or spokesman. these are in a hard line newspaper that have close ties to the supreme leader. sko they're getting their information from somewhere. but it hasn't been funneled through official channels in iran. but having said that, this is the first positive step we've seen for the two men that are being left back in iran as sarah shourd says she felt one-third free. so the other two of them are still in captivity, but this is the most positive news that's come out of iran. the judiciary said recently they want these two guys to still strand trial, possibly over the next two months. i think iran is now under internal pressure and domestic pressure to make it clear what exactly is going to happen with the two boys left behind in prison. whether they're going to f
, the behavior of the man is in question, or men in this case, not the woman. don't you think? >> tamron, i get it. tired of being treated like eye candy mysf. i know how it is for you in new york. >> i'm going to end this here, by saying you look hot, michael smerconish. >> so do you, tamron. >> smack you on the butt if i were near you. >> absolutely. >> that was t strangest conversation we've had together. >>> the search is on for four people missing after last thursday's gas explosion. four bodies have been discovered included 44-year-old jacqueline and her daughter. as well as 20-year-old jessica morales. california officials have alsod ordered pacific gas and electric to inspect all of the thousands of miles of natural gas pipelines throughout the state. about 50 homes were destroyed at last week's explosion. dozens more were damaged. let's get the latest from nbc's lee cowan. what is going tora happen? insurance with their futures, i know there's a meeting with officis now. >> reporter: yeah, the meeting started a little whiling a. these people's homes were red tagged or yellow tagged. re
, 2010. warming up nicely. in the mid 70s today? >> i'm matt lauer along with al roker and tamron hall. we're going to talk more about this acid hoax, a woman claims that someone else threw acid in her face when in fact she did it to herself. she allegedly took tens of thousands or dollars from her community who tried to help her. >>> also ahead, you hear those ads on tv and radio, especially during this economy, companies promising to help get you out of debt. you may be able to get yourself out of the financial hole it could end up saving you thousands of dollars in fees. and new rules for consumers because a lot of those consum consumers -- >>> joy bauer is going to be here to talk about the best yogurts for your kids growing up. and whether food should be considered a free food. >>> and first as we mentioned, ann has the morning off, we have got a check of the top stories. >> nine american service members were killed this morning when their helicopter went down in southeastern afghanistan. it was the deadliest chopper crash in more than four years for nato forces. u.s. officials de
, but a lot of crickets are cutting back. i'm joined here by tamron hall of msnbc. tamron, i have some distinguished educators here in the room with us. >> yeah, they're lined up and ready to talk, tom. i have with me monica from chicago. what's your question? >> my question is with all of the work that has been done with race to the top towards accountability for teachers, are there any tangible methods that are being put in place to hold parents accountable as wel >> that's a great question. she teaches at one of the best schools in chicago, pershing west high school. i'm so proud of your leadership there. when we were reopening the school, my wife and i would help build a playground there. we love the work you and your team are doing there. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> the parental piece is huge. parents are always going to be the children's first teachers and most important teachers. if parents aren't part of the solution, we are never going to get where we need to go as a country. my wife and i have two young children at home, 6 and 8. the most important thing we can do is
. >> good to have you here. looking forward to the broadcast. we want to head inside to tamron hall with the morning headlines. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with a miracle at jfk airport. a jetliner skidded down the tor mac surrounded by sparks when a faulty landing gear caused the pilot to make an emergency landing. the delta flight diverted to the airport after the right wheel jammed. this video is from a passenger cell phone. amazingly no one was hurt. it is unclear what caused the malfunction. >>> in chile, the first of three rescue capsules arrived at that time mine where 33 people have been trapped since august. the phoenix capsule is equipped with oxygen, communications equipment and an escape hatch in case anything goes wrong during the 15-minute ride back to the surface. officials hope to start the rescue in late october or early november. >>> a crucial deadline today in the effort to keep mideast peace talks alive. direct talks began three weeks ago but a ten-month israeli moratorium on new settlements in disputed territory expires at midnight. at the u.n. yesterday
is going to put forward some proposals. you outlined them there, tamron. research and development tax breaks and capital investment tax breaks for equipment that businesses might buy. they get a tax break if they do that. you heard them on monday talk about 50 billion up front on roads and railways and bridges and things of that nature. the tax breaks that are expiring. the bush tax breaks of 2001 and 2003 and the president wants to extend them all except for couples making above $250,000 a year. john boehner on the other hand, the house republican leader came out this morning and he said, look, let's just extend it and keep it the way it is for two years and the argument made by boehner and many economists we have to say raising taxes on anyone, even the wealthy with a very fragile economy is bad news for the economy, even the president's own form eer budget chief wants to do something along those lines. that is the fight here and you'll see president obama come out very strongly today and say that he wants those tax breaks to be extended for everybody but he will stick with that $25
for the united states. here's tamron hall with what is coming up next. tamron? >> hey, there, andrea. the is any of this leading to a conclusion? just a few hours ago we have the latest developments in this. plus, u.s. marines battling pirates in the gulf of aden and it's all captured on video. we'll have that for you. an incredible video to show you. we'll be right back here with more news on msnbc. could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? was abe lincoln honest? mary: does this dress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps... save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really host: is having a snowball fight with pitching great randy johnson a bad idea? man: yeah, i'm thinking maybe this was a bad idea. [trumpet playing "reveille" throughout] reviving the economy means reinventing the way we do business. here's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence] >>> i'm tamron hall. conflicting statements, will the pastor burn the koran or will he not? >>> and a devastating gas explosion killed at least four people and
their nnl. >> let's get a check of the news from msnbc's tamron hall. hey, tamron. >> good morning, matt. hi winds and pounding waves. jim cantore is there. >> reporter: this is still breaking this morning. the best news we can give everybody is there's been no reports of major injury or death. they're very happy and they're very much priding themselves in that. power is down from 30,000 to 28,700 as there's been considerable damage to the power system grid out here. fist responders are clearing out. we're doing pretty good, the sun's coming back out. >> flood watches are in effect today in corpus christi, texas. more rain is expected throughout the day. >>> freed american sarah shourd is back in the u.s. calling her arrest in iran 14 months ago a huge misunderstanding and saying she's no spy, with two other americans still held in iran, she says she feels only one-third free. >>> the american government says that 5,400 people were killed in traffic accidents blamed on distracted driving. officials say the problem is still an epidemic. >>> a crash of a freight train in central india killed f
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>>> i'm tamron hall. right now on msnbc, twitter war, robert gibbs d john boehner argue over middle class tax cuts. the latest in the back and forthcoming out of washington this morning. and what mr. boehner's saying about compromise when it comes to tax cuts. we'll it'll you exactly what he's saying. >>> in california, the search is under way for those missing after last week's gas line explosion. plus, new video of the gas line erupting. details on the n inspection under way of all the company's pipelines in that state. >>> hurricane igor grows from a category 1 to a massive category 4 storm in less than 24 hrs. we are tracking this monster storm. we've got a new one right behind it. plus -- this is the buzz story of the day. a female tv reporter allegedly harassed during an nfl practice, what she says happened to her. and will some nfl plers be punished if itturns out to be true >>> well, has republican leader john boehner managed to take way one of the democrats' key attack lines leading into the midterms? president obama is accusing the republicans of holding the middle class h
mentioned just a moment ago, and tamron and i were talking about this, that we haven't gotten more information from the most recent update but police said earlier there are hostages. we don't know the number, but that's priority number one to make sure that they are safely removed from this situation, and then as you say, that his demands are met. >> right, exactly but not necessarily met. they want to listen to his demands. they have identified him, that's great. they have located him probably in some area of the building, and hopefully they have that in the smallest contained part that they can. they have evacuated the rest of the building. this is kind of a standard procedure for the team, and now they have opened this communication line with james, and they will be truthful with him, truthful and honest and listen to what he says and they will tell him straight what they need to do and what has to happen. >> right. >> one of the good things here in a bad situation is this is a guy that's very much concerned about the environment, and he has taken over the discovery channel whic
down at the outer banks. i'm matt lauer along with ann curry and tamron hall, who has been helping us out this week. >>> hurricane earl is messing up a lot of labor day plans. for the rest of the country, people are gearing up, they hope, for a great three days off. this morning, we have tips to make that holiday, labor day weekend, go smoothly. >> if you're looking for more than a weekend away, thinking about relocating, how much you can get for your money across the country. how much house can you get for between $300,000 and $500,000? being from texas, i know that varies greatly. once i moved to new york, i was stunned what you can get for an apartment. >> is that barbara corcoran today? >> i believe so. >> okay, good. >>> before we go any further shall let's go inside. natalie is filling in at the news desk and has the headlines. good morning. >> good morning, matt, ann and tamron. >>> new numbers on the nation's unemployment rate shows that it rose to 9.6% for august, up .1% for july, the first increase in the unemployment rate in four months but less than analysts were expecting
's get a check of the rest of the top stories if tamron hall who's filling in for ann at the news desk. >> a new book by bob woodard is outlining deep divisions in the white house over the war in afghanistan, with advisers arguing over the war and some doubti ining if the president's strategy will work. chuck todd joins us. so, chuck, reportedly some big disagreements we're talking about. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. we're hearing about disagreements, particularly from the diplomatic side and the military side of the presidential -- of the president's advisers. now, the white house is already reacting to the book this morning. senior administration official putting out a fairly lengthy memo about the book saying, look, these policy divisions were well known at the time. this is the way the president operates. he wants different point of views. he wants a lot of information before he comes to a situation. so in many ways, they're trying to downplay these divisions and saying, hey, nothing to see here, tamron. we shall see if there's personnel recriminations, though, down the road.
"white house diaries." >> let's go over to tamron hall who's at the news desk. >>> thousands of people were forced out of their homes during the night by a wildfire near salt lake city. officials think the fire started during a nearby national guard artillery training session. several officials have now declared the bp well effectively dead, five years after the worst oil spill in u.s. history. area residents are likely to feel the impacts for years. the government says the number of people killed because of distracted drivers fell last year by about 6% from the year before, but the department of transportation still calls distracted driving an epidemic. >>> today president obama focuses on a town hall event. john, the economy is certainly a huge topic this election year? >> reporter: absolutely it is, tamron and i think because of the nature of our audience cnbc and the topic of this town hall meeting, about how to fix the economy, this is an important moment in the market. the economy is clearly in better shape than when he took office, but it's not growing rapidly enough, 15 million
. she tweets all the time. see you back here all the time on "the daily rundown." tamron hall is here with what's coming up next hour. tamron? >> in our next hour mitch mcconnell is vowing every senate republican will oppose the president's tax plan. john boehner says he's willing to compromise. we'll tell you what both sides are saying. live reaction outside the white house. richard wolffe would join us. plus the nfl launches an investigation into reports of harassment against a female tv reporter. the tv reporter has given a new interview, what she is saying now. plus, take a look at this. not that. this. is this crossing the line? we're going to explain next? copd doesn't just make it hard to breathe... it makes it hard to do a lot of things. and'm a guy who likes to go exploring ... get my hands dirty... and try new things. so i asked my doctor if spiriva could help me breathe better. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled maintenance treatment for both forms of copd... which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva keeps my airways open... to help me breathe better for
. >> all right. now over to the news desk where tamron hall has more for us this morning. >> good morning. we begin with developing news in sweden where a bomb threat forced a passenger jet to make an emergency landing. a sppakistani flight was divert to stockholm after a woman said someone on the plane had explosives. the plane landed and its 273 passengers were evacuated. one man has been detained for questioning. so far, no explosives have been found. meanwhile, in afghanistan the country's recent election results are drawing scrutiny. the new york times is reporting there is evidence that voting fraud took place affecting at least one-third of the country's provinces. complaints include alleged ballot-stuffing, strong arming election officials and handcu handcuffhandcuf handcuffing and detaining election workers. >>> complaints are mounting against pastor eddie long as another person says he pressured him into sex. ron mott has more. >> reporter: for years he's been an out spoken opponent of homosexuality. >> we anticipate the future. >> reporter: friday, a fourth lawsuit was filed ag
. on the plaza, i'm matt lauer along with ann curry and tamron hall joining us this morning. nice to have you here. >> thank you. >> coming up we've got a horrible story. a story about this gunman who took hostages at the discovery channel headquarters outside washington, d.c. what is really bizarre about the story is during the standoff he actually spoke to a producer here at nbc news. we're going to hear some of what he had to say. also talk much more about hurricane earl bearing down on the east coast of the united states. could make landfall around north carolina sometime late tonight, maybe tomorrow morning. al as you can see is down in kill devil hills in north carolina. he's going to give the latest on that storm, including some mandatory evacuations already in progress. we'll get to him in a couple of minutes. >> plus want to get to a complicated case involving an ohio woman who basically said that she claims going on facebook that she discovered her husband's infidelity. that she saw wedding pictures of his marriage to another woman posted on the website. and she says that this was a
, tamron. let me give you a little background on this. just because it's a named storm does not change the impacts. it is not that big of a deal. they upgraded it because it's now above 39 to a tropical storm. but the impact, still, very heavy rin. we had issues with flooding in jamaica and cuba, we had flooding in kingston, jamaica and as you mention south florida. up here ahead of the storm, wilmington had two inches of rain this morning and 15 inches of rain since monday and the ground is saturated. the play by play. this tropical storm is on life support and it is going to move past florida and dissipate tomorrow. but the show is not over with. this front down the east coast and that's funneling the rain up towards richmond and washington. another storm will form on that front later today and this evening. that will be a nontropical system. that is the storm that will come up over here up towards richmond into washington and then up into the northeast and tomorrow. all the big cities under flood watches and some gusty winds and we could have power outages. so, nicole will not be th
for the discovery channel. >> thank you. we'll get back to you really shortly. tamron, as we heard a short time ago and we continue to wait for the 3:50 update that's going to be coming from the police there, we heard earlier in the 3:15 update, he remain on the first floor area. i've been in this building before, and when you walk in or drive up, it's kind of a u-shaped driveway right in front. and when you go in, it's a pretty large atrium with a circular december welcome a receptionist and one security guard. the building is kind of an l shape with one of the back sections that goes off from the front. and all of the elevator banks and restrooms on the first floor. but it's a pretty, i want to say, sparse lobby environment. there's a few areas for seating, but not a place to hang out. a lot of people are met by the guests they metering and then you move on to another place. but there is security a and you need banals to get through doors. >> and if he was on the radar of security personnel and it seems this individual was, they would notice him. in the sparse area, he walks in, like a lot of off
of the united states for his news conference. for that, let's turn it over to tamron hall. tamron? >> right now on msnbc news, a live picture. we have it up from the east room of the white house. in a few minutes president obama will hold his first full-blown news conference since may. he will focuses on the midterms and how will the president sum up his time in office so far. good day, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we'll bring you the president's remarks, the news conference as soon as it starts. i want to get you caught up on two major stories and you heard an update on that huge fire in san bruno, california. four people are dead after a massive explosion in that suburb of san francisco last night. he says he expects the death toll sadly to rise to more people as they go home-to-home searching for victims. the intense blast happened around 6:00 local time leading to a fierce firefight, comp pleatly destroying 38 structures. flames shot as high as 100 feet in the air. 75% of that fire is contained. a nearby gas line is suspected to be the cause. at least 52 people were rushed to a
you can save money on your prescription and learn terms and conditions at >>> i'm tamron hall. right now on msnbc, the gop announces its new pledge to america. now some conservative republicans taking issue with the strategy. will it allow republicans to take back control on capitol hill? >>> adamant denials of sexual misconduct. what a prominent southerner is saying and doing today. >>> and
stories from tamron hall who's filling in for ann. >>> a new book by bob woodward is outlining deep divisions at the white house over the war in afghanistan with advisors arguing over the war and some doubting if the president's strategy will work. nbc's chief war correspondent chuck todd joins us, so some big disagreements we're talking about? >> we're hearing about the diplomatic side and the -- the white house is already reacting to the book this morning. senior administration official putting out a fairly lengthy memo about the book, saying these policy divisions were well known at the time, this is the way the president operates, he wants different points of views, he wants a lot of information before he comes to a decision. so in many ways they're downplaying these divisions and saying, nothing to see here. we'll see if there's personnel recriminations down the road. >> another economic advisor is leaving. >> reporter: that's right, larry summers, chairman of the national economic council, he's now the third member of the president's economic team to announce his departure fro
inside studio 1a. tamron hall has all the headlines. >>> we began with more flooding in parts of the midwest. a levee is leaking in portage, wisconsin, some people have been evacuated. officials say if more evacuations are needed residents will have to get out by boat. >>> "today"today a panel appoin president obama begins its investigation into the oil spill in the gulf of mexico and the administration's response to it. >>> hyundai is recalling more than 131,000 sonata sedans sold in the u.s. because of potential steering wheel problems. the recall involves sonatas built before september 10. >>> gas prices are holding steady, the average price for regular now $2.69 a gallon. >>> steve berk will become ceo of nbc universal. burke will replace the current ceo who will step down when the deal closes. >>> overseas markets are higher on wall street. erin burnett is on wall street. >> we're talking about the best september since 1939, we'll see if we can hold through the end of the week. and this week we'll hear about the government's plan to get out of the aig. taxpayers put $100
schools available for hundreds of thousands of students across the country. tamron will have that story coming up at 11:30 eastern time. watch for that. >>> campaign bombshell or mudslinging at its worst. either way, it's a she said/she said story involving california governor for governor meg whitman. her former housekeeper and nanny claims she was exploited and mistreated and then she insists because she was in the country illegal she was fired because whitman decided to run for governor. >> and she threw me away like a piece of garbage. >> nicky was terminated in a sudden, cruel and heartless way. >> i think this is a typical political stunt led by gloria allred who does this just about every election cycle. >> in fact, whitman's camp showed documentation showing a license, social security card and a job application where she claims she had legal status. >>> that will do it for me, tomorrow at 10:00. tamarron hall picks up things next. >> coming up, a rutgers university student kills himself after what police call a tragic invasion of his privacy by other students. >>> plus, tropical
tamron hall has more for us this morning. >> good morning. we begin with developing news in sweden where a bomb threat forced a passenger jet to make an emergency landing. a sppakistani flight was divert to stockholm after a woman said someone on the plane had explosives. >>> good saturday morning. i'm "news4 today" meteorologist chuck bell. sunshine coming through. otherwise partly cloudy sky. temperatures are already in the mid-70s around town. 74 degrees down at andrs air force base. 74 in annapolis. 75 in washington. 74 in hagerstown. couple of lone some sprinkles out in the west virginia mountains. we should be rain free in washington today with a high up to 90 degrees today. much cooler tomorrow. rain for m >>> that's your saturday forecast. lester? >>> bill, thanks. still to come on "today," caught on tape. two girls fighting it out. why one mom was arrested. first this is "today" on nbc. right here in this neighborhood, i grew up arning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough ti
hollen. tamron hall is here with a look at what's coming up next on msnbc. >>> hey, andrea. in the next hour we're still following breaking news that former president jimmy carter has been hospitalized after being airsick on a flight. >>> plus, president obama tells democrats to, quote, buck up in a new interview. will the white house blame the democratic base if the midterms are a bust? >>> and our special education nation continues with a look at the the shortage of male teachers. why is only one out of every four teachers a male? what they're really doing is putting our security at risk. my big brother went to iraq to keep us safe. he came home in a flag-draped coffin. america lost another hero. big oil wants to talk about costs? don't let big oil lie to you about what our dependence really costs. you know, if we had let fedex office print our presentation, they could have shipped it too. saved ourselves the hassle. i'm not too sure about this. look at this. [ security agent ] right. you never kick off with sales figures. kicking off with sales figures! i'm yawning. i'm yawning some
. inside the studio, just behind that glass window, i'm matt lauer, along with al roker and msnbc's tamron hall. coming up in this half hour, the latest on mel gibson's custody battle. e-mails between the es actor and his estranged girlfriend act ok where she appears to forgive him. now her attorneys say she wasn't the one who leaked the recordings. now we're going to hear from his attorneys in an exclusive interview. >>> also ahead, help with your money emergencieses this morning our panel has advice on the lowdown on credit counselors and whether they actually hurt your credit. that's on "today's" money 911. >>> many medical tests are routine at certain ages, like mammograms and colonoscopies. there are things you can do to give you more accurate information when the results are in. >>> ann is on assignment "today," so you're also handling the news chores as well. >>> a new book by bob wood ward is outlining -- an early copy of obama's wars, top advisors argue over the war and doubt if the president's strategy will work. the white house is downplaying this saying policy divisions were we
you blame me? no, exactly. i didn't do that. >> it was on tape. >> let's go inside, tamron hall is filling in for ann at the news desk oday." >>> good morning, matt and meredith and good morning everyone. nine arican service members were killed this morning when their helicopter crashed in southeastern afghanistan. u.s. officials tell nbc news there was no sign of hostile fire and deny claims that the taliban has shot down the aircraft. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >>> president obama refused to reveal monday if he'll shake up his economic team before the november elections. at a cnbc town hall meeting monday, the president caught an earful from supporters who said they were frurated over the weak state of the economy. the president urged them to keep the faith and pointed to his record on health care a financial reform. those financial reforms include a new consumer financial protection bureau to regulate things like mortgages and credit cards. this morning elizabeth warren explained her mission. >> what this is about is really a pretty simple idea credit agre
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